Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thinking Future-wise

Yet another Transformers piece... I know. Theres a pattern here I need to break. This was intended for another show at the King of Prussia mall's IMAX theatre but due to a lack of wheels and knowhow in terms of Philly's transportation system and proximity to the mall it never made it in time. A little bummed about it but I need keep moving. The plus side of this being done is now I can mentally move on to do a few pieces I've been dying to get out of my system. I want to do 2 new sets of cards and a few drawings just for myself. Plus the Golden Age show is rapidly approaching. The only big obsticle in my way right now is life in its bigger picture sense. I have a lot of packing left to do over the next 4 days and when I get home I really need to hit the pavement hard to get a job. I really want an art job, but for the moment I just need something to give me the money to pay for my storage space, pay off student loans, and give me the piece of mind to look at Mast Heads and Barnes and Nobles for a few hours a week. Anywho, until next time. 

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