Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Buddy Boy here is my submission for the AS show at Brave New Worlds tomorrow. Due to my lack of a computer for a week and confusion over the hang date, I had to speed production on ol' Megatron but I don't think he suffered too much. In retrospect I probably should have done a turtles piece as there is going to be a transformers gig later this month closer to the release of the film but no complaints. I do want to do a Prime piece, actually what I have in mind for that one is far more intracate and related to the film being released so maybe I'll feel a bit less geeky if I give myself the excuse that its two universes... or more geeky. Anywho now that I have my drawing groove back and my computer there should be more updates coming. I want to shoot for at least once a week. Peace!

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