Thursday, May 14, 2009

Portfolio Review: The Final Frontier

 "Primary Me" 

"King Maximus"
So today is the final review of my portfolio. Very excited. The only thing I have left to do is print out an attach my Backtis (essentially my name, phone number, email, address, etc) and then I'm done with portfolio. A very surreal feeling is coming over me at this time, an exciting feeling but still one of disbelief. As a sophmore and a junior I watched as the seniors worked in their private studios and put together amazing bodies of work that I never thought myself capable of doing. There was this heavy disconnect between who I felt I was and who I felt they were. It was like being in the presence of demigods and I was but a lowly serf struggling to find my voice. Now here I am, in the shoes of those very same people who I was looking up at less than a year ago, going through the same stuggles they've been through and I do feel changed. I don't think I'm a demigod by any stretch of the imagination but I feel much more confident about myself and my work, and have gained a better grasp on what I'm capable of. If you had asked my last year to try and put together any of what I've put together this year, though I'm sure the attempt would be valiant, I wouldn't have even thought myself able to. Its been a great year, and now I'm about to be judged, given my final cirtique (well, not quite. I have one tomorrow too) and then prepare myself to go out into the real world and put these lessons to work. Very exciting, but to be honest, also a little scary but if this year has taught me anything, its that hard work pays off and its good to be tenacious and if you're willing to go all in and work as hard as you can, you can survive. 

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