Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Playing catch-up.

It seems as though I need to learn about the image settings on blogger as the last piece I posted refuses to enlarge. So it seems I might have to get a flickr account or some sort of image host so that I can avoid this in the future. Its funny how alien the concept of blogging is to me now. I had a livejournal site for a very long time but its primary function was just me letting out steam and then it just shifted into amusing videos followed by a sentence post every couple of months. I do see the importance and application of blogging in todays illustration and I guess I've got to re-introduce myself to the idea of at least weekly updates. 
So, I'm working on ideas for the Eighties show thats coming up. For the past two weeks I was convinced that I should do a strictly Transformers piece for it, considering that Transformers is one thing from eighties nostalgia that I still hold sort of close and its' weird in that I remember the cartoon fondly but don't really collect the toys in the sort of semi religious way most Transformers people do. I think if I had the expendable income I might pick up a few of the really cool toys from the eighties that had the best designs or characters I liked but not from a collectors standpoint. I was much more a fan of the cartoon and the comic in that the stories ranged from ridiculous and silly to ridiculous and slightly more serious. The 1986 film is one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure movies and I know it backwards and forwards. So it seemed natural to to a piece on Transformers as opposed to say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, my brain was racked on how I could handle such a piece without making it look totally silly or difficult to look at from the perspective of someone who was not a fan. I was thinking about handling the image like my two comic con promo pieces pictured above. I think though I need to handle the piece as everything about my eighties nostalgia all bundled into one so that I don't burrow myself to deep in my own geekiness. 

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